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The UK produces a great range of wood briquettes and we’ve gathered together our favourites here. Experience the very best of British in one easy parcel bundle!

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Best of British Bundle – Express Parcel Delivery!

Best of British Bundle is a 56kg parcel pack, delivered to your door in 3 x c.20kg boxes

This will not be delivered on a pallet – it will come in a standard parcel van. 

The UK now produces a great range of wood briquettes and we’ve gathered together our favourites here, in our Best of British Bundle!

This large express pack consists of:

1 Box of Dr Heat Firelighters
Hotmax x 10kg
Dragon’s Teeth RUF Briquettes x 10kg
Bio-Bean Coffee Logs x 7.5kg
Hotties Heat Logs x 9kg
Woodlets Briquettes x 10kg
UK Hard x 10kg


Dr Heat are carbon neutral firelighters made in England from miscanthus grass and recycled candle wax

Hotmax are small cobs made in England from the dust and fines extracted during horse bedding production

Dragon’s Teeth are RUF briquettes made in Wales by a timber construction company, using waste sawdust

Hotties Heatlogs are pini-kay briquettes. They’re made in Scotland using 100% recycled timber

Bio-Bean Coffee Logs are made in England from waste coffee grounds mixed with sawdust. They are a dense, hot fuel with great environmental credentials.

Woodlets Briquettes are ‘squircle’ (squared circle) shaped heat logs, made in Scotland using pure wood from sustainable UK timber

UK Hard briquettes are small, easy to break cylinders made in England by a company producing hardwood furniture

Perfect for:

Our Best of British Bundle is suitable for large or small stoves, but please crack the larger briquettes into half for use in a smaller stove. As to burn time, it is impossible for us to predict as some people burn ’24/7′ whilst others burn ‘as and when required’. Also, some people have large greedy stoves and some have small highly efficient stoves.

With any fuel that is new to you, start slowly until you get to know how it performs on your stove. They all burn hotter and longer than traditional logs. You’ll find some work better for you that others but this is a great way to try our full UK range.

Best of British Bundle is ideal for testing modern high performance UK wood fuels in your stove.

Burning characteristics:

These easy-to-use briquettes give out steady heat with an attractive flame. They burn longer and hotter than logs, and much cleaner than coal. If you currently use traditional logs this is a great opportunity to compare heat output, cleanliness and length of burn.

None of our briquettes contain additives or chemicals. They are made from pure, untreated wood by-product and are held together by compression alone.


Composition:  100% clean dry sawdust/wood fines
Compression:  varies
Calorific value:  varies
Max. ash content:  <1%
Max. water content:  <8%
Product Standard:  FSC


Most of these briquettes come in a plastic pack. Please check with your local authority for recycling facilities.

Manufacturers widely use plastic to wrap briquettes, ensuring that they stay dry. A damp briquette breaks up, making it unsuitable for burning. We genuinely care about the environmental impact of our products and are constantly working to improve the sustainability of our packaging by using cardboard in place of plastic wherever possible. We also offer a plastic recycling scheme to customers returning their empty packaging to us. Environmental responsibility

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Weight 60 kg