Ready Mixed Pallets

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  • Easy Everyday Mix

    An easy to use, uncomplicated mix of products that make it simple to get great performance from your stove.
    961 kg (£0.38 per kg)
    480 kg (£0.44 per kg)
    240 kg (£0.53 per kg)
  • Chunky Mix

    Tailored for larger stoves, which can be greedy to feed. These briquettes are excellent in a big stove and give long-burning times.
    961.5 kg (£0.40 per kg)
    491 kg (£0.45 per kg)
    280 kg (£0.51 per kg)
  • Premium Mix

    A balanced selection of our very best wood briquettes, kindling and lighters. Great heat and burn time from our premium briquettes.
    951.5 kg (£0.42 per kg)
    481 kg (£0.47 per kg)
    260.5 kg (£0.55 per kg)
  • Small Stove Mix

    An easy-to-use mix of products, ideal for a small stove. Giving good heat over a long period, this mix will suit stoves 5kw and under.
    955 kg (£0.42 per kg)
    445 kg (£0.56 per kg)
    228 kg (£0.65 per kg)
  • Large Stove Mix

    Best for the biggest stoves, this mix will give a good balance of heat output and long-burn time. Big briquettes fill the firebox, improving performance.
    961.5 kg (£0.45 per kg)
    481 kg (£0.47 per kg)
    260.5 kg (£0.58 per kg)
  • Open Fire Mix

    A selection of our finest briquettes designed specifically to be burnt on open fires where a lively flame, excellent heat and low expansion are important.
    952 kg (£0.42 per kg)
    501 kg (£0.46 per kg)
    260.5 kg (£0.55 per kg)
  • Cosy Nights In Briquette Bundle

    A selection of our best briquettes, so you can compare these modern high performance wood briquettes against the logs or coal you may currently burn.  
    59.5 kg (£0.84 per kg)
  • Complete Selection Pallet

    One of each of our briquettes, to let you try our full range easily and conveniently. This popular pallet of samples lets you try them all and see what suits your stove best.
    147.5 kg (£0.77 per kg)