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Office: Dumfries 01387 731 210 Northern Hub: Warrington Southern Hub: Oxford
Office: Dumfries 01387 731 210

Northern Hub: Warrington 01925 565 210

Southern Hub: Oxford 01865 362 210

Mon – Fri : 9am to 5pm
Sat: 9am to 4pm
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About us

The Wood Fuel Co-operative started as a group of like-minded folk combining resources for an economical supply of dry firewood. Our objective is to supply premium quality wood fuel at the most economic prices.

From our national distribution hubs in Dumfries, Warrington and Oxford, our online shop now supplies wood briquettes to customers across the whole of the UK mainland.

Our Dumfries shop continues to serve Dumfries & Galloway, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our great range of wood briquettes, wood pellets, traditional logs and top quality wild bird food.

Membership of the Co-operative is limited to those living within Dumfries & Galloway. We’re unable to offer membership to those further afield. Anyone can buy from us though – you do not need to be a member.

We stock the widest range of wood briquettes in the UK, concentrating on those fuels that provide the best balance of heat, convenience and value for money. This means we have to test a lot of different briquettes but our hard-working team is up to the challenge!

The Wood Fuel Co-operative team

The Wood Fuel Co-operative team

Environmental Responsibility

As much stock as possible comes from the UK. This is to both minimise the carbon footprint of our briquettes and to support UK industry. However, because of the exceptional quality they offer, we also stock some excellent products from Europe and North America. These products come in full containers, to maximise travel efficiency.

We only buy briquettes made responsibly, from sustainably-sourced timber. For more information on the environmental sustainability of briquettes, check out our blog.

We’re also encouraging our suppliers to reduce plastic use and explore alternative packaging. This is a long, slow process but we’re committed to making a difference.

Two of our UK suppliers have moved to cardboard/paper packaging as a direct result of our request to reduce plastics.

Social Responsibility

As a co-operative, we have a responsibility to the community we work in. For this reason, we work with local charities to support people suffering from fuel poverty as well as with our local foodbank.

Our Charity Work

Customer Service

We love helping and talking to our customers. In fact, it’s one of the best parts of the job. We’re a small team and we set very high standards for ourselves. We take complaints very seriously and will always follow up if you experience issues. So please do get in touch – we’ll always go the extra mile to help. Call us on 01387 731 210 or email us.