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Pellets for Pizza Ovens – Myth Busting

Pizza ovens have soared in popularity this year, we’ve even got an Ooni oven of our own!

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How Air Flow Works

A good flame needs air flowing through The amount of air flowing through your stove is key to how well it burns. Air provides oxygen,…

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Burning Wood in Smokeless Zones

Burning wood in smokeless zones can be confusing. Wood is not specifically listed as a smokeless fuel, so many people assume they can’t burn it…

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What is Ready To Burn?

The government is phasing out the sale of wet wood sold in small volumes (under 2m3). This initally applies in England from 1 May 2021.…

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Can I use briquettes in a smokeless zone?

Can I use briquettes in a smokeless zone? Yes, but only if you have a DEFRA certified stove (also known as an exempt appliance). Most…

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Wood Briquettes vs Logs

Are you trying to decide between wood briquettes vs logs? Here we explain the difference between wood briquettes vs logs. Sourcing dry wood fuel at…

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Natural Firelighters

Not all firelighters are created equal! Say goodbye to smoky, frustrating newspaper and smelly chemical firelighters. We’ve found the ultimate solution! Carbon Neutral, Made in…

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Fuel Comparison Charts

We’re often asked how different fuels compare. The most useful points of comparison are: Length of burn time (density); Cost; and Heat Output. Density Generally…

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ZIP Payment FAQs

How do I pay with Zip? Paying with Zip online is easy. When you get to the payment page (usually after adding delivery details), select…

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Guide to Traditional Logs

Are you trying to find the best traditional logs for your wood-burning stove? Buying logs can be a minefield, so here’s our guide to knowing…

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Our Indispensable Guide to Briquettes

Don’t worry – it’s easier than you think! Our guide to wood briquettes will help you become a wood fuel expert in no time. Wood…

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Storing your briquettes

We recommend storing your briquettes indoors only. DO store your briquettes in: Watertight shedDry garagePorch or conservatoryInside houseDry outbuildingsSome plastic garden stores, as long as…

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5 Must Know Top Tips

Don’t overload the fire. Briquettes are much drier than logs, so you need fewer of them to get a good heat. Start with a little…

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How to start your fire with briquettes

Place two RUF type briquettes at the back, angled towards each otherAdd a couple of Hotmax in front and a Waxling firelight in the centre.Light…

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Burning Wet Wood

21st February 2020: Government Announce Ban on Sale of Wet Wood in England Clean Air Act Lots of you will have heard the news that…

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Christmas & New Year Deliveries 2019

Online Orders We will not be making any deliveries between 24th December 2019 – 7th January 2020. This is to allow our hard-working staff to…

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Plant a Tree… For Wildlife and People

For every one tonne of wood briquettes we sell, we plant one native tree in the UK. Whether you buy one pack or one pallet,…

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Which is the best briquette?

If only there were an easy answer to this! The honest, annoying answer is: it depends. The size and sort of stove, size of room,…

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Can I burn briquettes in a wood burning stove?

We often hear people say, “My stove installer says I can only burn logs in my stove, so I can’t use briquettes”. This isn’t true.…

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What should I do if I have sick wild birds in my garden?

If you’ve seen sick wild birds in your garden, especially ones who are lethargic, unusually tame seeming or fluffed up, then you need to take…

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Imported vs UK Wood Pellets

Are UK wood pellets better? Many sellers stock cheap wood pellets imported from Europe. Although the prices are good and the pellets look identical, in…

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Should I feed garden birds all year?

Yes! You really should feed garden birds all year. We now know that birds really struggle to find enough food throughout the year – not…

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Why Feed Wild Birds?

While our wild garden birds should be able to fend for themselves without our help, evidence shows that they’re not managing to. The RSPB have…

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Wood fuel sustainability

Wood fuel sustainability is becoming a concern as worldwide we’re using more biomass boilers and wood-burning stoves than ever before. In the UK, domestic boilers…

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