Pizza & Outdoor Cooking

We have the perfect range of fuels for Pizza & Outdoor Cooking!

Our pizza oven wood pellets are perfect for use in all pellet-fired pizza ovens. Read more about them here

All of our fuels are 100% pure wood and completely chemical free.

All prices include mainland UK delivery.

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  • Bio Wood Pellets for Pizza Ovens 10kg

    Pizza Oven Wood Pellets. For the perfect stonebaked pizza. Low ash content, low moisture and a delicate smoke. A brilliant softwood pellet with high performance. Learn More

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    10 kg (£1.60 per kg)
    20 kg (£1.27 per kg)
  • Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

    Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

    Pure wood pellets, ideal for all pellet-fired pizza ovens. Made in Scotland from 100% sustainable UK timber. Learn More

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    15 kg (£1.27 per kg)
    30 kg (£1.26 per kg)
    45 kg (£1.25 per kg)
    60 kg (£1.25 per kg)
  • Pizza Briquette


    Pizza Briquettes are top quality beech logs, FSC & certified for food preparation, but ideal for all wood-burning stoves. Learn More

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    960 kg (£0.43 per kg)
    480 kg (£0.53 per kg)
    240 kg (£0.70 per kg)
    15 kg (£1.07 per kg)
  • Outdoor Fire Starter Bundle

    The perfect starter pack for outdoor fires. A 38kg selection of our best briquettes for Fire Pits and Chimeneas. Clean burning, long lasting, excellent heat and an attractive flame. No spitting! Learn More

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    38kg (£0.92 per kg)