Beech Nestro

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Fine Beech sawdust grindings; dense and very clean. The best briquette in our range.

These expand by around 25% so must be broken in half for smaller stoves.

Full Pallet

96 x 10kg packs = 960kg

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48 x 10kg packs = 480kg

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Beech Nestro

Made from:

Beech Nestro are made in Germany from pure beech grindings, which produce a dense, dust-free briquette. The beech sawdust comes from a company producing high-end beech products and structures. These Beech Nestro are quite simply the best briquette we have ever found – probably the best briquette in the world. Two will last up to four hours with excellent heat and flame characteristics. They generate a consistent heat in the stove temperature ‘sweet spot’ so you don’t have to be up and down loading the stove or adjusting the air flow.

How to use:

On my 5kw stove two Beech Nestro briquettes will last around four hours. Here is how I use them. Crack one Beech Nestro in half by holding it at each end and bringing it down sharply over the back of a neighbouring briquette or other hard surface (not your hearth or it may break your hearth). They are pretty tough so you can only easily break into half. More than that requires a hammer. Whilst you are at it, crack another into half so now you have four halves. Lay two halves in the bottom of your stove in an open ‘V’. In the centre of the ‘V’ place a lit firelighter and a pickle of kindling (5 or 6 sticks). On top of the kindling place another half of Beech Nestro so that the broken end can catch the flames from the kindling. Open the air vents fully. After about 10 to 15 minutes you will have a good fire going. Start to reduce the air flow accordingly. Those three ‘half briquettes’ will burn for about 2 hours and give off an excellent heat. Your stove thermometer should be reading around 200C. When you require more heat or flame place the remaining half briquette on the hot embers and that will burn for another 1.5 to 2 hours. Note: All stoves and flues are different so may burn faster or slower than mine. What works in my stove may not work in your stove, so proceed with care and be sure not to overload your fire.

Burning characteristics:

Each chunky log weighs around 2.5kg, so they’re great for bigger stoves. For smaller stoves, just break them into half before using. This is easy to do, – break them by sharply tapping two of the heat logs together. They’re very highly compressed, so they produce almost no dust and this density helps them burn for several hours. Best of all, they also produce huge amounts of heat with an attractive flame. They expand by about 25% as they burn, so place them across the firebox and just use small amounts until you’re confident with their burning characteristics on your particular stove or fire.

These are the best briquette we’ve ever stocked – they give great heat, very clean burning and are dust free, so they’re much better for people with asthma.

Perfect for:

Great for both stoves and open fires.  For most stoves we recommend breaking them in half, as they will expand a little while burning.

None of our briquettes contain additives or chemicals. They are made from pure, untreated wood by-product and are held together by compression alone.


Beech Nestro come in plastic wrapped packs. Please check with your local authority for recycling facilities.

Each pack is plastic wrapped but not always fully sealed. They are not in waterproof packaging. There will often be gaps in the wrap, due to the wrapping process. The wrap is only there to hold the packs together, rather than to weatherproof them. 



Composition: 100% clean beech grindings
Compression: 1,200kg/m3
Calorific value: 5.0 kWh/kg
Max. ash content: 0.9%
Max. water content: 8%
Product Standard: produced from PEFC woodland


Log: 295mm x 95mm
Weight: c.2.5kg
Pack: 4 Logs x c.2.5kg = c.10kg
Pallet: 96 packs = 960kg

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Weight 10 kg

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