Pallet Delivery Information

We want your delivery to go smoothly, so our standard pallet delivery includes:
• Delivery inclusive to all mainland UK addresses – no additional charges
• Book in service, where Palletways contact you to arrange a mutally suitable delivery day. This replaces our previous chosen delivery day option and we are not currently able to offer a choice of delivery days at the time of placing your order.
• Delivery to the nearest accessible level hard-standing
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Postcode Checker

Use our postcode checker to see costs (if any) to your address

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Pallet deliveries are made to kerbside.
• Delivery vehicles are not able to access driveways due to insurance restrictions. A heavy lorry can cause damage to block paving, grass verges etc and Palletways won’t risk this by manoeuvring into your driveway.
• Neither Palletways nor the Wood Fuel Co-operative can accept liability for any damage to private property that occurs in the course of a delivery. If you allow the delivery vehicle to access your private property, it is at your own risk.
• For standard town/suburban addresses, this means the driver will pull along side the property and then use a manual pump truck to place the pallet in a safe position on the kerbside.
• For rural addresses, this may mean the pallet needs to be left at the end of your driveway, or in another suitable place.

How much will delivery cost?

Use our postcode checker to see costs (if any) to your address

Note: Price shown is per pallet
All pallet prices are inclusive of delivery to any UK mainland address.
Why does it cost more to offshore islands?
Pallet delivery companies charge us per pallet sent. The amount they charge depends on where in the country we send a pallet. The difference between areas can vary hugely.
All our prices already include mainland delivery – so no extra charges. For areas where the delivery companies charge a lot more, (all offshore islands, including Skye) we have added an additional charge that just covers this.

As of 3rd December 2021, Palletways are unable to deliver to Northern Ireland. This situation should change in 2022/23 but until then we cannot accept orders from Northern Ireland.

How will my order be delivered?

Pallet Orders are delivered by our partner couriers, Palletways, not our own drivers.
Your goods are delivered on a pallet, the footprint of which is usually approximately 1.2m x 1m. The height of the pallet depends on the products you’ve ordered but may be up to two metres high.
The maximum weight of a pallet is 1000kg.
A photo of a pallet of wood fuel with dimensions - Wood Fuel Coop

Accessing your property

Our pallet courier will normally deliver your order on an 18 tonne lorry with a tail lift. This means the kerbside of your property must be accessible to a large vehicle. If a bin lorry can access the road then an 18 tonne lorry should be able to as well but it will be up to the driver to determine this. As a guide, please check the measurements:

Length of vehicle: 11 metres; Height of vehicle 4 metres

Diagram showing lorry dimensions - Wood Fuel Coop

The driver may not be able to access your road if there are:
• low overhead lines or low hanging branches
• low bridges or bridges with weight limits
• narrow access roads that prevent the vehicle manoeuvering/turning

If you think that an 18 tonne lorry or larger will not be able to access your road, please request a 7.5 tonne lorry when placing your order. 7.5t is the smallest vehicle we can request. If you’re not sure, please phone us on 01387 731 210 and we can check for you.

A picture of a lorry with height and length measurements - Wood Fuel Coop

If Palletways are unable to deliver to the kerbside of your property, for example because of access restrictions which mean a 7.5t vehicle will not be able to get to the property’s kerbside, we will need to put special delivery arrangements in place. These arrangements may incur additional charges, for which you, the customer, are responsible. If you think you may need alternative arrangements please let us know prior to ordering so we can get a quote for you.

Will the driver be able to put the pallet in my garage for me?

No. The driver is contracted to deliver to the kerbside only, so it’s up to the individual driver if he/she is able or willing to wheel the pallet closer to where you would like it.
The drivers are on a tight schedule and won’t always have the time to spend wheeling the pallet long distances, onto driveways or into garages etc. Pallets are also very heavy and the driver will not be able to wheel a tonne of wood fuel on anything other than flat, level concrete or tarmac. It isn’t possible to move pallets on gravel, grass, cobbles or slopes.
Diagram showing delivery restrictions - Wood Fuel Coop

Will the driver help me unload the pallet?

No. The driver is contracted to deliver the pallet to the kerbside only. They will not be able to help you unpack the pallet and put the briquettes away as they are on a tight schedule.
If you’re worried about being able to unload the packs yourself, you may want to arrange for a friend or relative to be there to help you.

Re-delivery Charges

If your delivery doesn’t go according to plan because of access restrictions to your property, and you have not told us about this when ordering, the haulier will recharge for a second delivery. Any additional costs will be charged to you, so please make sure you are happy that a large vehicle can access your premises and that you understand delivery is kerbside only.

How long will my order take to arrive?

For palletised deliveries, standard delivery takes 3-5 working days from dispatch. Palletways operate using a ‘Book in’ method, where they contact you to arrange a mutually suitable delivery day.
During very busy periods, such as November and December, it may take us a little longer to dispatch your pallet but we will always keep you informed of delivery times.
Pallet orders are delivered between 9am-5pm. If you’ve provided a mobile phone number, you will receive a text message giving you a two hour window. Someone will need to be at the delivery address during these hours to receive the pallet.

What time will my order arrive?

When your order is dispatched from us, we will provide you with tracking information so you can keep an eye on the progress of your pallet through Palletways.
On the day of delivery, Palletways will normally text you with a two hour delivery window, so you can plan your day.
The time you receive your text will depend on whether your pallet is on a morning or afternoon delivery run. If you haven’t received an update by late morning, it’s likely your pallet will be on a later delivery run.
As soon as your pallet is scanned onto a delivery vehicle you will be able to see that it is out for delivery on the Palletways website. You should receive an ETA not long after this.
In winter, some deliveries may be made after dark, so please be prepared for this. We cannot guarantee delivery during daylight hours on short winter days, for example, when it may be dark at 3pm.

Additional delivery services (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE):
Please book these through the office on 01387 731 210
• Specific Delivery Day
• Morning Delivery
• Timed (Arrange a specific time between 10am-5pm)
• Saturday Delivery

Dumfries & Galloway Customers

Orders placed via the website will be delivered by Palletways.
Please visit our Dumfries Shop page for information on local deliveries.

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Quick guide to choosing the best Wood Fuel for your stove and lifestyle.

Wood Fuel Co-operative

*Break - We strongly recommend you break these briquettes in half (or less for very small stoves) because they do expand whilst burning and you don't want them to overfill the fire.
*Easy to light - We always use a Firelighter and Kindling Sticks to start our fires. Most briquettes are graded four stars to light because they are quite dense and require kindling.


  • All stove and flue combinations tend to have different burning characteristics. Fuel that works well in my stove may not work so well in your stove, and vice-versa.
  • Most modern stoves are more efficient than most older stoves, meaning a modern quality stove will burn fuel more economically and generate more heat over a longer period.
  • Always try to burn fuel with a 'lick of flame'. Smouldering fuel to try to extend burn time is bad for your stove, flue and the environment due to unburned particulate matter in the smoke.
  • Be prepared to break briquettes into smaller sections to fit into your stove comfortably. Many briquettes do expand whilst burning and you don't want them to expand onto the glass.
  • The chart above indicates which briquettes are easy to break. Some are small enough so they don't need breaking. This makes for a cleaner environment around your stove.
  • All briquettes, except Everyday Value and Hotmax, benefit hugely from using kindling to light them. I suggest five kindling sticks will be sufficient, meaning a net should last 30 days.