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  • Extralong Bark Overnight Log


    Chunky bark logs, made with a blend of softwood bark and white wood. Great for overnight burning and slow daytime running.

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    960 kg (£0.45 per kg)
    480 kg (£0.55 per kg)
    240 kg (£0.70 per kg)
    10 kg (£1.60 per kg)
  • Outdoor Fire Starter Bundle

    The perfect starter pack for outdoor fires. A 38kg selection of our best briquettes for Fire Pits and Chimeneas. Clean burning, long lasting, excellent heat and an attractive flame. No spitting!

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    38kg (£0.92 per kg)
  • Cosy Nights In Briquette Bundle

    A selection of our best briquettes, so you can compare these modern high performance wood briquettes against the logs or coal you may currently burn.


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    59.5 kg (£0.84 per kg)
  • Complete Selection Pallet

    One of each of our briquettes, to let you try our full range easily and conveniently.

    This popular pallet of samples lets you try them all and see what suits your stove best.

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    147.5 kg (£0.77 per kg)

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