Complete Selection Pallet


One of each of our briquettes, to let you try our full range easily and conveniently.

This popular pallet of samples lets you try them all and see what suits your stove best.

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Complete Selection Pallet

We may alter this mix depending on which products are available at the time of your order.

We will always send out the full 147.5kg.

Waxlings x 1 @ 0.5kg

Kindling Box x 1 @ 6.5kg

Hotmax x 1 @ 10kg

Cut Pini-K x 1 @ 10kg

UK Hard x 1 @ 10kg

Baby Beech x 1 @ 8kg

RUF Oak x 1 @ 10kg

Pini-K x 1 @ 10kg

Hotties x 1 @ 10kg

Eco-Nestro x 1 @ 10kg

Blazers x 1 @ 10kg

Energo Top x 1 @ 10kg

Beech Nestro x 1 @ 10kg

Enviro-brick x 1 @ 10kg

Extralong  x 1 @ 10kg

Kiln Dried Logs x 1 @12.5kg

Total Pallet Weight is approx. 147.5kg

Made from:

Waxlings are made from wood wool soaked in wax.

Kindling Box are split softwood sticks

Hotmax are made in the UK from the waste fines (bark and wood) left over from the manufacture of horse bedding shavings.

Cut Pini-K are made from pure oak sawdust

UK Hard are made from a mixture of hardwoods that have been finely ground and compressed

Baby Beech are made from hardwood beech sawdust

RUF Oak are made from oak, which is a long hot-burning hardwood

Pini-K are made from pure oak sawdust

Hotties are made from softwoods

Eco-Nestro are made from softwood forest thinnings

Blazers are made in the UK from softwood thinnings

Energo Top are made from fine softwood sawdust

Beech Nestro are very high quality, extremely dense hardwood beech briquettes

Enviro-brick are a pure hardwood briquette

Extralong are made from washed softwood bark and white pine

Kiln Dried Logs are birch logs, cut to 10″



Burning characteristics:

Waxlings are excellent non-toxic firelighters

Kindling Box are traditional, split sticks that light easily and burn quickly

Hotmax are perfect as a kindling replacement. They burn for twice the length of time for half the cost of kindling

Cut Pini-K are a kindling alterative, even more effective than Hotmax. Easier to light, longer burning.

UK Hard are also excellent for day-to-day burning. Great heat with a good air flow, and very versatile.

Baby Beech are a mini sized beech ideal for smaller stoves. They burn long and hot

RUF Oak can act as a ‘heat sink’ in the back of the fire where they will last several hours

Oak Pini-K produce an excellent flame and lots of heat in smaller stoves. Good long ‘glow time’

Hotties produce an excellent flame and lots of heat in smaller stoves.

Eco-Nestro generate great heat and flame, but use sparingly, just half at a time

Blazers are excellent for day-to-day burning. Crack in half for smaller stoves

Energo Top are a premium briquette that burn for long time and give out a lot of heat

Beech Nestro are a premium briquette giving a long and hot burn with a good flame

Enviro-brick are ideal for large stoves and burn for a long time

Extralong are designed for long day time or overnight burn. Will last 4 to 12 hours

Kiln Dried Logs are faster burning than briquettes, but look attractive and have a good flame


Perfect for:

This wide and varied mix contains samples of the best modern high performance briquettes we supply.

None of our briquettes contain additives or chemicals. They are made from pure, untreated wood by-product and are held together by compression alone.

Country of Origin:


Composition:  Clean, dry sawdust
Calorific value:  4.8 kWh/kg
Max. ash content:  0.7%
Max. water content:  <8%
Product Standard:  n/a


All these briquettes come in a plastic outer. Please check with your local authority for recycling facilities.

The briquetting industry uses plastic to wrap wood briquettes in order to ensure they stay dry, as damp briquettes break up and are unsuitable for burning. The environmental impact of our products is important to us, so we are constantly working with our suppliers to improve the sustainability of their packaging by using cardboard in place of plastic wherever possible.

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