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Balcas Brites Biomass Wood Pellets


March 2018 – Due to ongoing shortages, we are not able to take on new customers for wood pellets, so we are not accepting orders for wood pellets online. Please accept our apologies for this. 


Balcas Brites are the finest quality biomass wood pellets and are manufactured in the UK.

They are fully compliant with RHI requirements and are certificated as ENplusA1 quality. Balcas Brites are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).

The Wood Fuel Co-operative BSL registration number for Balcas Brites is BSL0048105-0004 and you will receive a BSL compliant receipt with every purchase.

Balcas Brites are made with locally sourced timber and transported by lorry to our storage depot in full loads of 24 tonnes. Our weekly deliveries ensure we always have fresh stock in place.

The international standard ENplus seal stands for low emissions and trouble-free heating with high energy value. The A1 designation assures you that the pellets have been manufactured from de-barked timber to ensure a low ash content and that they are free from added chemicals.


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