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UK vs Imported Wood Pellets

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UK vs Imported Wood Pellets

UK vs Imported Wood Pellets – which are better?

Many sellers stock cheap wood pellets imported from Europe. Although the prices are good and the pellets look identical, our experience is that many imported pellets are not consistent or high-enough quality. Our customers have found that imported pellets are very dusty and create a lot of ash after burning. Because of this, we choose our pellets based on their quality, and this has meant we aim to stick with UK manufacturers.

full pallet of verdo pellets

Our UK wood pellets are higher quality than many of the cheaper imported pellets. We prefer UK vs Imported wood pellets for a number of reasons:

  • They’re higher quality, so are less dusty
  • They have a much lower bark content, so produce a lot less ash
  • They’re made from sustainably-sourced UK softwoods
  • They are harvested, processed and packaged in the UK

We stock two UK brands of wood pellet. Verdo Pellets are made in Grangemouth and Woodlets are made in Girvan. Both are very high quality wood pellets with excellent reputations. They are both ENPlus A1 rated and BSL Approved. Verdo wood pellets are made in Scotland