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Wood Briquettes vs Logs

wood briquettes vs logs

Are you trying to decide between wood briquettes vs logs?

Sourcing dry wood fuel at an affordable price can be hard – and getting good advice can be even more difficult. We’ve been burning wood fuel for many years and are dedicated to helping you find the best product for your stove.

As an indication of our preference, we have seven members of staff working at the Wood Fuel Co-op. We all have a choice between wood briquettes and logs and none of us would ever go back to burning logs!

Wood briquettes are much hotter, cleaner, longer burning and more economical than traditional logs. This isn’t a subjective opinion; the impressiveness of briquettes comes down to pure physics. A dry, dense briquette has better burning properties than a traditional log, and the choice available means there’s something for everyone. Briquettes also recycle a pure wood waste product, which means less going to landfill. It also means that trees are not having to be felled specifically to make firewood.


  • Compact, dense, dry and clean
  • Consistent in size, weight, moisture content and burn time
  • Easy to  handle, stack and store
  • Made from recycled waste wood
  • Available in a variety of types with different burning characteristics
  • Guaranteed to produce more heat for less money than logs

Traditional Logs

  • Widely available as new-felled, semi-seasoned, seasoned or kiln-dried
  • Variable sizes, moisture content, density and burning characteristics
  • Damaging to biodiversity if felled specifically for burning
  • Becoming more difficult and expensive to source dry logs
  • Lower calorific value (c.4,000kWh/t) than briquettes (c.5,000kWh/t)