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Collect from our Dumfries shop. You can buy in any quantity from one 10kg bag upwards. Full pallets can be loaded onto trailers or into vans using our forklifts.

We also offer a free Drawdown option, which allows you to pay for a full pallet of wood pellets and then collect bags as you need to. This allows those customers who do not have storage space for full pallet quantities to benefit from the best price possible.


The Wood Fuel Co-operative offers a free Drawdown service, which allows our customers to buy in bulk and collect their wood fuel as they require it. This aims to help customers who do not have the ability to store briquettes or pellets at home but who wish to benefit from the price savings of buying in bulk. Customers buying on drawdown are also protected from any price increases that may occur on un-collected products.

Products purchased under Drawdown are ‘virtual’, which means that we do not put the actual items to one side with your name on it. To ensure quality levels and our ability to store large volumes of stock, we service your drawdown from our constantly refreshing supply of wood fuel.

This means that we cannot always guarantee supply of products as we may occasionally run out of stock or change product ranges. We try to minimise this happening but, in the case that it does, you will always be offered either an alternative product or a refund.

For more information on this service, please contact our office on 01387 731 210.