Gardening Season Is Here


Gardening Season Is Here and the Woodfuel Team have got you covered!

dalefoot wool compost for veg and salads woodfuel cooperative

Back by popular demand….

We were so impressed with the performance of the Dalefoot range of composts last year and so were our customers. We’ve just taken delivery of some new stock of the full range so get it while you can!

Now with added Comfrey!  The Wool Compost range now has a hat-trick of performance-packed natural ingredients. Find out more… 

The full range is 100% Peat-free 

No need to feed – None of the Dalefoot composts require any additional feed and will feed your plants throughout the season 

Reduced watering – The wool content in Dalefoot composts provides natural water retention meaning less watering is required than other composts 

Soil Association approved – Dalefoot composts are sustainably made from from renewable, natural ingredients on their farm in the Lake District and are approved for organic growing by the Soil Association.

A bag of Sylvagrow organic multipurpose compost - Wood Fuel Co-operative

A returning favourite this season…

We’re pleased to announce that we now have stock of both SylvaGrow Organic and Multi Purpose Composts in store.

A unique blend of fine bark, woodfibre (by-products of sustainably managed British forests) and coir (from known, ethically-approved sources). Multi Purpose contains balanced nutrients sufficient for the first 4 – 6 weeks of growth. This growing medium is based on one widely used throughout the UK by professional growers and is suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden. Melcourt SylvaGrow Multi-purpose contains no peat or green waste compost.

SylvaGrow® Organic is a unique blend of fine bark (a by-product of sustainably managed British forests), green compost (a carefully-sourced, certified ingredient) and coir (from known, ethically-approved sources).


Enough about the gardening, what about the birds?…

Premium Wild Bird Feeds

We stock a huge range of premium feeds for your garden birds. We’ve got everything from straight, aflatoxin-free peanuts to premium seed mixes and suet products. Come and browse the full range in our Dumfries store.

Our staff are always on hand to offer help and advice. We’re incredibly lucky to have a huge variety of garden birds in the UK. Our Johnston & Jeff range covers all bases.

Wild birds are busy at this time of year and bring colour, fun and song to our gardens. Providing them with essential nutrients is a great way to encourage them to your garden.

Why not treat yourself to a garden bird book or even use the RSPB wild bird identifier. It’s a great way to teach the kids about wildlife and encourage them to protect and support the population.

Bird Feeders and Habitats

We also stock a beautiful range of wild bird habitats from Nestbox Co.

Made from FSC certified timber, these look great in the garden and blend in nicely in hedgerows and trees. Our staff will be happy to help you find the right type of home for your feathered friends.

You could even branch out a little further and try a bat box or Owl Nesting Box! Bats are amazing creatures to have in your garden and work wonders for insect control. A real bonus for the gardening enthusiast!

We also have a lot of protected species here in the UK and providing safe habitats is a great way to help them thrive.

Wood Fuel Coop also stock the excellent RingPull bird feeders. Great quality and easy-clean, if you haven’t tried them yet then we highly recommend!

a red squirrel sitting on a rock eating a nut - Wood Fuel Co-operative

We’re proud to support the Lower Nithsdale Red Squirrel Group

In our Dumfries store, as well as gardening and wild bird supplies, you will also find a range of red squirrel feeds. We stock premium quality feeds and treats for encouraging and supporting the red squirrel population in our area. You will also find squirrel feeders on our shelves.

We’re incredibly lucky to have one of the biggest red squirrel populations in the UK. But they still need our help! Between loss of habitat, disease and grey squirrel problems, this beautiful, native creature has a bit of a tough time. Groups like LNRSG work tirelessly to monitor and protect our population. The great news is that there’s plenty you can do to help. Learn more about their work here.

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Quick guide to choosing the best Wood Fuel for your stove and lifestyle.

Wood Fuel Co-operative

*Break - We strongly recommend you break these briquettes in half (or less for very small stoves) because they do expand whilst burning and you don't want them to overfill the fire.
*Easy to light - We always use a Firelighter and Kindling Sticks to start our fires. Most briquettes are graded four stars to light because they are quite dense and require kindling.


  • All stove and flue combinations tend to have different burning characteristics. Fuel that works well in my stove may not work so well in your stove, and vice-versa.
  • Most modern stoves are more efficient than most older stoves, meaning a modern quality stove will burn fuel more economically and generate more heat over a longer period.
  • Always try to burn fuel with a 'lick of flame'. Smouldering fuel to try to extend burn time is bad for your stove, flue and the environment due to unburned particulate matter in the smoke.
  • Be prepared to break briquettes into smaller sections to fit into your stove comfortably. Many briquettes do expand whilst burning and you don't want them to expand onto the glass.
  • The chart above indicates which briquettes are easy to break. Some are small enough so they don't need breaking. This makes for a cleaner environment around your stove.
  • All briquettes, except Everyday Value and Hotmax, benefit hugely from using kindling to light them. I suggest five kindling sticks will be sufficient, meaning a net should last 30 days.