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Super-sized burning blocks for large stoves

Enviro-Brick and XL RUF are both big, chunky heat logs that we’re proud to stock! In fact, we’re the only stockists in the UK!

envirobrick loose woodsure ready to burn woodfuel cooperative

Slow Burners that Move Fast

Both Enviro-Brick and XL RUF are imported because currently nothing like them is produced in the UK. Sadly, however, right now it’s very difficult to bring stock in from overseas and some products have proved impossible to get hold of. We had to temporarily suspend both Enviro-Brick and XL RUF until the shipping times and prices make it feasible to stock again.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see them again – we’re working hard to re-establish supplies, or to find an alternative. By winter 2022 we hope to be bringing you a chunky block that will be ideal for bigger stoves that can be greedy to run.

Stack of XL RUF with RTB logo - Wood Fuel Co-operative

Enviro-Brick – Why So Good?

Big chunky firewood is great for stoves with large fireboxes. It helps reduce the frequency you feed the fire, while still giving off good heat.

Generally you’ll need a large enough firebox to allow good airflow around the briquette – you don’t want to smoulder your fuel. This is true even if you are looking for something slow-burning. It’s better to burn larger fuel for longer than it is to smoulder, because smouldering is essentially burning with too little oxygen.

Even with dry fuel, this is a problem because smouldering creates a lot more particulates and will end up causing problems with your chimney.

Enviro-Brick, and the very similar XL RUF we stocked recently, are both good for longer, cooler burning, because they are large and dense. The large size means the fire takes longer to consume them – it really is that simple! Because they’re also dense and dry, they give out lots of heat, so your stove burns at an efficient temperature.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date with stock of Enviro-Brick or any alternatives we source, it’s easy! Give us a ring or drop us an email asking to be placed on our no-commitment waiting list. Contact us

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