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What are Balcas Brites?

balcas brites biomass pellets

Balcas Brites are biomass pellets, or wood pellets, made from pure compressed sawdust. They’re used in biomass boilers, which are an increasingly popular form of domestic heating. This is thanks to government schemes, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which promote the use of renewable energy by providing financial incentives. The RHI has very strict criteria that its recipients must adhere to, including the quality of the pellets used in eligible boilers.

Are Balcas Brites RHI approved?

Yes. We stock RHI approved Balcas Brites biomass pellets for use in biomass boilers. Brites are very high quality pellets, manufactured in the UK from sustainably sourced timber. They are fully compliant with RHI requirements and are certified ENplusA1. Balcas Brites are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).

What about biomass sustainability?

Unlike the biomass pellets used in Drax and other power plants, Balcas Brites are made in the UK. Balcas use sustainably-harvested softwoods to make their pellets. They’re not made from hardwoods, so they’re not destroying old-growth, ecologically-rich woodland.

Balcas make their Brites pellets from sustainably sourced softwoods. The wood is washed, dried and debarked before being compressed into pellets. The international standard ENplus seal stands for low emissions and trouble-free heating with high energy value. The A1 designation assures you that the pellets have been manufactured from de-barked timber to ensure a low ash content and that they are free from added chemicals.

Can I use them in my wood-burning stove?

No. Like other biomass pellets, Balcas Brites can only be used in biomass boilers. They’re not suitable for using in open fires, wood-burning stoves or multi-fuel stoves. On stoves and open fires, they smoulder untill a build-up of gases suddenly ignites, causing a mini-explosion. Not a good idea!

Can I use them for horse bedding or cat litter?

Well, yes. Technically they are identical to those sold as horse bedding and cat litter. But, the government charges different VAT rates on them, so that’s where the main price difference comes from. Pellets for burning need to be consistently high quality as well, so that they don’t cause problems in the boilers. This means that they need to be a consistent diameter and length – long pellets can block boilers.

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