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Archive: Verdo briquettes in stock for summer

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Archive: Verdo briquettes in stock for summer

UPDATE: Sept 2018

***Verdo are no longer producing briquettes. We are unable to supply Verdo briquettes.***


Archive: Posted 18 April 2018

Verdo briquettes are back in stock at the Wood Fuel Co-operative.

verdo briquettes back in stock

A customer favourite – Verdo briquettes

I know you’ll be happy to hear Verdo briquettes are back, as we’ve had lots of people asking about them. But what happened?

In December, Verdo’s warehouse suffered a major flood – all their stock was under two feet of water. For those of you familiar with briquettes,  I’m sure you can imagine the problems this caused! All of the stock was lost, so they had to start from scratch again. Unfortunately, at the same time,  there was a Europe-wide shortage of biomass pellets, which Verdo also manufacture. Because the briquettes are not Verdo’s main product, they had to hold off producing more until supplies calmed down. This meant putting all their production into wood pellets.

Now that the wood pellet shortage has started to improve, Verdo briquettes are back!

So what’s the fuss about?

Verdo are a hugely popular, versatile briquette that can be used whole or broken up into pieces. Verdo briquettes do expand as they burn – sometimes as much as doubling their length on a hot fire – so try smaller pieces first to see how they burn. Always place Verdo across the fire, not pointing towards the door of the stove, so that they have room to expand.

They produce a huge amount of heat and give a lovely ember bed for the next briquette to go on to. Very clean-burning, they produce little ash, so there’s less mess and more heat.

We have a regular supply of Verdo briquettes now in stock. They’re available online or in our Dumfries shop.

Happy burning!