Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

£21.99 - £32.50

Pure wood pellets, ideal for all pellet-fired pizza ovens. Made in Scotland from 100% sustainable UK timber.

Pizza Pellet Bundle

2 x 10kg bags pizza pellets and a bag of 40 Waxling Firelighters

£32.50 20.5kg
2 X 10kg Bag

2 x 10kg bags of Woodlets Pizza Pellets

£27.99 20kg
1 X 10kg Bag

1 x 10kg bag of Woodlets Pizza Pellets

£21.99 10kg


Woodlets Wood Pellets are Scottish-made and ideal for pizza ovens They light easily, burn efficiently and with very little ash so they are perfect for getting your pizza oven up to temperature within 10 minutes. We use them in our own Ooni oven and they are excellent. Although the bags are currently not branded as Pizza Pellets, they are exactly the same product as the branded Woodlets Pizza Pellets and will perform exactly as required for perfect pizza every time.

Available in 1 x 10kg bag; 2 x 10kg bag or a 2 x 10kg bag Pizza Pellet Bundle option, which includes a bag of Waxling Firelighters – unscented, natural firelighters that are ideal for lighting pizza ovens. No scent or chemicals to taint the taste of your delicious pizza!

Because they produce so much energy, Woodlets are perfect for fast cooking, to get that perfect stone baked oven taste.

No additives or binding agents, just 100% pure, sustainably-source virgin UK timber.

  • Perfect for pizza ovens
  • Premium quality
  • Delicious stone baked taste and light smoke
  • Light easily, high temperature, burn efficiently and produce very little ash waste
  • Manufactured from natural 100% softwood
  • Suitable for all outdoor pizza ovens
  • Guaranteed low carbon footprint

Please store your pizza oven wood pellets indoors in the dry because they will absorb any atmospheric moisture. This will make them much less efficient.

Woodlets are only for use in specially designed pizza ovens, biomass boilers and specialised pellet stoves. They are not suitable for use in wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, or open fires.

Woodlets pellets are made from softwood. There is no difference in burning characteristics between softwood and hardwood. Read more about this our blog post.

Woodlets pellets are made from timber which comes from FSC Certified Forestry. This is a standard that ensures social and environmental responsibility. You can read more about the Forestry Stewardship Council here.

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Weight 10 kg

1 x 10kg Bag, 2 x 10kg Bag, Pizza Pellet Bundle