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Made from fine, kiln dried pine strands (wood wool) coated in candle wax, these dense little firelighters are clean, chemical free and odourless.

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Waxling Firelighters

Made from:

Waxling Firelighters are made from fine, kiln dried pine strands (wood wool) coated in candle wax. They are 100% natural, chemical free and odourless, so no smell on your fingers after handling, and they’re completely safe to use.

Burning characteristics:

A Waxling Firelighter burns for about 8-10 minutes, which is long enough to light any well-built wood fire. Because they’re densely bound, just one in the middle of a handful of cobs or kindlers lights easily. Sometimes you’ll find a Waxling that’s a bit too tightly bound – don’t worry, just twist it a little first to loosen the outer fibres.

There are a few wood wool lighters on the market but many of them are very poor quality, so you need to use a few of them per fire. Waxling Firelighters are one of the best we’ve found, because you only need to use one per fire, which makes them better value then the cheaper packs. They’re also more attractive and cleaner than many alternative brands. Our staff love them!

Perfect for:

Waxling Firelighters are a clean, natural and very effective way of lighting any wood-based fire. Because they’re so attractive, they’re also a very popular gift item, especially at Christmas. You can use them year round to light barbecues, chimineas, firepits and pizza ovens as well.


Packaged in Perthshire, Scotland by a small family firm, Waxling Firelighters come in plastic bags of 40 firelighters.

The environmental impact of our products is important to us, so we are constantly working with our suppliers to improve the sustainability of their packaging by using cardboard in place of plastic wherever possible.

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