Kiln-dried Birch Logs – Crates


Pure, hardwood, kiln-dried birch logs, cut to 10 inch lengths. For great heat and a beautiful flame. woodsure Ready to Burn Certified. Learn More

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Kiln-Dried Birch Logs

100% pure kiln-dried birch logs. Ready to Burn Certified.

Full Pallet = Crate: 0.90m3 / 430kg (approx) birch logs, cut to 10 inch lengths (approx. 480 logs). Packaged in a wooden crate, and wrapped in plastic to keep it dry for shipping. Various diameters and weights so you can choose logs suitable for easy start or long burn.

Traditional logs, dry and ready to burn, from sustainably managed forestry. These logs will look great in your fireplace.


Made from:

Pure Birch hardwood

Burning characteristics:

Easy to light, producing a quick and attractive flame. Like all logs, these logs have great ‘character’ in the fireplace.

Perfect for:

Day to day burning on all but the very smallest of stoves. Great for open fires. Clearly they are not going to burn as long, hot or as economically our best briquettes, but they do look attractive. We sometimes use logs during the shoulder months when less heat is required and we don’t mind stoking the fire as frequently.

Can’t decide if you should burn Logs or Briquettes? Take a look at our blog post and comparison chart.

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Composition:  Birch Log
Density:  670 kg/m3
Calorific value:  4.2 kWh/kg
Max. ash content:  <3%
Max. water content:  <20%
Product Standard:  N/A


Log:  250mm long x 60mm to 150mm wide
Weight:  Average. 1kg

Number: Approx. 480 logs per crate (Full Pallet)


Additional information

Weight 430 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 800 × 1200 cm
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