Outdoor Fire Starter Bundle


The perfect starter pack for outdoor fires. A 38kg selection of our best briquettes for Fire Pits and Chimeneas. Clean burning, long lasting, excellent heat and an attractive flame. No spitting! Learn More


Our fire pit bundle contains everything you need for the perfect outdoor fire. A selection of our premium briquettes and a pack of natural firelighters. The perfect garden heat pack.

Ideal for Fire Pits and Chimeneas

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All of our briquettes are 100% pure wood and are held together by compression alone. No glues, chemicals or additives. This means no nasty smells and makes them great for cooking over.
Briquettes are all made from by-products of the timber industry and are completely sustainable. This makes them a more environmentally conscious choice than traditional logs and kindling.
Why choose briquettes?
Longer Burning than logs
Have a low moisture content – less smoke
Burn Hotter and more consistently (perfect for cooking)
Easy to light! 
Don’t crackle and spit 
This Pack Contains:
1 x Pack of Dr.Heat natural firelighters (30 per pack)
 Dr Heat Firelighters are carbon neutral firelighters made from UK grown Miscanthus grass, which is coated in waste scented candle wax.
1  x 10kg Pack Hotmax Heat Logs
 A handy UK made cob, ideal for starting the fire, reviving a dying fire, or a main fuel for small stoves.
1 x 10kg Pack Hardwood Pini Kay Briquettes
 Made from 100% renewable wood fuel, Oak Pini-K heatlogs are great all-rounders.
1 x 10kg Pack UK Hard Heat Logs
These are great hardwood briquettes; an ideal multi purpose briquette in that they can be broken into sections to enable easy lighting and the half or full briquettes make a perfect main fuel. 
1 x 8kg Pack Baby Beech Briquettes
made from pure beech sawdust, which is quite fine and so produces a very dense, dust-free briquette.  They generate excellent heat with an attractive flame and hold their form whilst burning.
Please note: photos show Blazers as part of this bundle but we have replaced these with UK Hard due to stock issues.
Your bundle will arrive in 2 boxes for ease of handling. Please store your briquettes somewhere dry. Cardboard and any plastic wrapping widely recycled.
Please be fire safe! Outdoor fires should only be lit in designated areas and in suitable fire pits, chimeneas or other equipment. Always respect local advice and guidance and never leave an open fire unattended. 

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Weight 38 kg