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Large, clean burning hardwood briquettes from the USA. Great for long burning in big, greedy stoves. Large, dense blocks, not suitable for small stoves.

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72 x 9.5kg packs = 684kg

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Mix Your Own Pallet Product
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Made from:

Enviro-Bricks are made from clean, kiln-dried sawdust from a hardwood component manufacturer in the USA. These exceptionally dense briquettes are made from a mixture of oak, maple, poplar, cherry and walnut, depending on the material being processed at the time.

Burning characteristics:

The size of these briquettes makes them ideal for larger stoves, and they may be too big for some smaller stoves. They are impossible to break and give a long, hot burn. A few of them used together in a large stove will stay in overnight, with much less ash produced than RUF Bark bricks.

Perfect for:

Best suited to long burning in larger stoves, these chunky briquettes can reduce the need to constantly feed a greedy stove.

None of our briquettes contain additives or chemicals. They are made from pure, untreated wood by-product and are held together by compression alone.

Country of Origin:

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Composition:  Mixed hardwoods
Compression:  N/A
Calorific value:  4.8 kWh/kg
Max. ash content:  <1%
Max. water content:  <8%
Product Standard:  PEFC


Block:  240mm x 95mm x 75mm
Weight:  10.00kg
Pack:  6 bricks = 9.5kg


Enviro-Bricks come in a shrink-wrapped pack. Please check with your local authority for recycling facilities.

The briquetting industry uses plastic to wrap wood briquettes in order to ensure they stay dry, as damp briquettes break up and are unsuitable for burning. The environmental impact of our products is important to us, so we are constantly working with our suppliers to improve the sustainability of their packaging by using cardboard in place of plastic wherever possible.

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Weight 9.5 kg

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