Broken Beech Nestro Bulk Bag



These bulk bags are loose-filled with Broken Beech Briquettes, varying in length from approximately 40-200mm.


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Broken Beech Nestro Bulk Bag

SPECIAL OFFER: BULK BAGS AVAILABLE!beech nestro woodsure ready to burn logo woodfuel cooperative

This product will be delivered on a pallet, to kerbside only. Please ensure you have arrangements in place to transport it safely into dry storage. The bag weighs approximately 700kg so cannot be manually dragged or repositioned. We suggest you have a wheel barrow or similar on hand to help you move the cobs safely. More info on Pallet Deliveries

Made from:

The Beech Nestro Briquettes are made in Germany from pure beech sawdust. The beech sawdust comes from a company producing high-end beech products and structures.

Loose-filled with broken briquettes, these great value bulk bags contain cobs varying in length from approximately 60-120mm. A special deal from the manufacturer, we’re selling these at a discounted price over the standard product.

Burning characteristics:

These small cobs are quick to reach a high operating temperature, which enables your stove to work at maximum efficiency. Burning with a lively flame to start with, they turn red hot and provide a good steady heat. Beech Nestro Briquettes expand lengthways as they burn, so place them across your fire rather than pointing towards the hearth. By doing this, they will not expand out of the firebox. These bulk bags contain convenient ‘cobs’ that are already a suitable length for general burning in a small-medium stove.

Perfect for:

Suitable for both stoves and open fires, Broken Beech Nestro Briquettes produce great heat with an excellent flame. Be careful if using them as they expand approximately 20% of their length whilst burning. Always use a smaller number of cobs at a time until you get used to their burning characteristics.

Broken Beech Nestro Briquettes are certified Ready to Burn and they comply with the Clean Air Act – in fact, they exceed it! This also means they’re suitable to use in Smokeless Zones on DEFRA-approved appliances.

None of our briquettes contain additives or chemicals. They are made from pure, untreated wood by-product and are held together by compression alone.

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Composition: Beech hardwood
Compression: 1,200kg/m3
Calorific value: 5.0 kWh/kg
Max. ash content: <0.9%
Max. water content: <8%
Product Standard: Produced from PEFC woodland


Block:  75mm dia. by varying lengths, between 40-200mm.
Bulk bag: 700kg approx


These Special Offer Broken Beech Nestro Briquettes Bulk Bags are in woven polypropylene bulk bags, which are ideal for reusing. The bags are loose filled, so there is no additional internal packaging. However, to keep the briquettes dry and secure during transit, we wrap them with plastic stretch wrap on the outside of the bulk bag. The bulk bag sits on a pallet, which is how it will be delivered. Delivery is to your kerbside, so you must have arrangements in place to transport it safely into dry storage. The bags weigh between 500kg & 600kg so cannot be manually dragged.

Please ensure you have adequate dry storage as once the bag is open, the briquettes will need to be kept dry. 


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