Dalefoot Wool Compost for Seeds – Peat Free – Organic 12L


A peat free seed compost that works as well as peat. Tremendous root growth giving the best start for seedlings with gentle sustained feed to take through to potting on. Now with added Comfrey!



Our Wool Compost for Seeds has a fine texture with good drainage to provide a perfect start for seeds. A specially blended mix that give seeds every chance to germinate. Now with added Comfrey! – the organic gardeners best friend – a ‘dynamic accumulator’ packed with nutrients is added into the Wool Compost range.

Comfrey’s ‘Bocking 14’ variety has high levels of potassium, phosphorous & nitrogen for healthy plant growth, larger flowers & bigger crops.

  • Strong germination rates
  • Healthy root development
  • 50% less watering
  • Balanced first feed
  • Peat-free

How to Use:

  • Loosely fill pots or trays – tamp and gently water compost
  • Sow seeds sparingly – follow instructions on packet
  • Place in a propagator, greenhouse or on a warm windowsill
  • ‘Water to touch’ – keep compost moist but do not overwater
  • Wait with eager anticipation
  • When roots are developed, transfer to our Wool Compost range.


Additional information

Weight 7 kg