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RUF Oak briquettes are here!

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RUF Oak briquettes are here!

Posted 20 April 2018

Our much-loved RUF Oak briquettes arrived first thing this morning. We have a rather intermittant suppy of these brilliant bricks, because the company producing them sadly can’t provide an uninterrupted supply. This is quite common with briquettes, because they’re made from a by-product. They’re worth the wait though and these are one of our all-time favourites.

There are lots of RUF briquettes on the market but ours are unique in the UK because they have a ‘waist’. This really improves the air flow and makes handling them very easy. They’re also a lot denser than many other RUF blocks. That makes them clean and long-burning.

One of my favourite features is the fact that it’s square, so it won’t roll in the fire. For a little stove like mine, this makes it really safe and easy to use. They’re really popular for bigger stoves as well though – a great all-rounder.

an ruf block burning

RUF Oak burn with a lovely flame

Sustainable use of by-products

RUF Oak briquettes come from Poland. They’re made from the sawdust producing from parquet flooring manufacture and are a clean, pure mixture of oak and pine. The ratio of oak to pine varies depending on the wood being processed at the time. The oak is a long-burning wood, while the pine makes it easy to light. This gives it a nice balance of burning characteristics.

The wood used in the factory all comes from sustainable sources. Because the trees are being felled to produce parquet flooring, using the waste sawdust means that we don’t have to fell extra trees as firewood.