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Quick fires for summer downpours

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The wet weather is becoming a real drag…plants are suffering, the chooks are miserable and today the wind is making it chilly and unpleasant outside.

Lighting the stove in July? Was I mad? Well, I went ahead and three hours on I’m very happy I did! I used an Ezilite paper briquette to get it going quickly, with a Hotmax and an ash log on top. The logs in the store, even though well seasoned, are still hissing a little when lit, so they must still have a much higher moisture content than the briquettes. Mixing them together makes it easy to get a good heat up and to revive the stove when it starts flagging.

OK, I did have to open some windows but it felt good to be airing the place out. The formerly soggy dog is also now dry and fluffy…and very appreciative too. But now there’s a row of hens outside, peering in through the door…nope, I draw the line at that. Sorry chooks!