Ready Mixed Quarter Pallet


This pallet has been configured to give you up to approximately 30 fires, depending on stove size, air flow and burn time.

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Ready Mixed Quarter Pallet

A selection designed to give you a sample of our best briquettes, from firelighters to long-burning briquettes. This Ready Mixed Quarter Pallet is a great way of trying a mixture of our favourite briquettes, which will let you see what works best on your stove. We find that using a mixture of briquettes offers the best burning experience.

Contents will vary depending on what we have in stock but you will always receive a carefully balanced selection of briquettes suitable for all stages of your fire. This will include products such as:

  • Waxling Firelighters
  • Hotmax
  • Bark Blocks
  • Nestro
  • Blazers
  • RUF blocks
  • Pini-Kay

More information:

This pallet has been configured to give you approximately 30 fires lasting between 150 and 300 hours, assuming a five kilowatt stove lit daily and with air flow adjusted to optimise burn temperature. Clearly smaller stoves will use less fuel and larger stoves will burn more fuel. Burn time will also be affected by chimney draw and air flow management using the primary and secondary stove air controls.

As an example, if, like me, you have a 5kw wood burning stove, you may expect this pack to cost around £5.73 per lit fire or 60 pence per hour assuming you achieve ten hours burning per fire. Bear in mind this will not be 10 hours at furnace-like temperatures; we are just looking for a comfortable room temperature. Some people will achieve more; some less.

Please also remember that a multi-fuel stove may burn wood faster than a dedicated wood burning stove. An open fire will burn faster again.

Occasionally, we will substitute products with an alternative, depending on stock levels. Any substitutions will always be of equal or higher value and will be suitable for the same purpose.

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