Peat Nuggets Half Pallet


Clean, cut peat from managed peat fields in Aberdeenshire

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Peat Nuggets Half Pallet

25 x c.26.5kg bags = c.663kg

Made from:

Clean, cut peat nuggets from managed peat fields in Aberdeenshire.

Burning characteristics:

Peat nuggets give off good heat, great aroma and turn into a glowing amorphous block similar to coal. They are very popular due to their low cost, long burn and steady heat emission.

Peat is a cooler burn than wood and contains more silica, so it leaves much more ash. However, it is the ash that helps hold the heat for long periods in the same way that a garden bonfire of branches can still have hot embers in the ash pile days later.

Perfect for:

Scottish peat nuggets are great for burning alongside briquettes in stoves or on open fires.

For a similar long, slow burn made from sustainable wood bark, you may also like to try our RUF Bark bricks.

Country of Origin:

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Composition: Clean, cut peat from managed peat fields in Aberdeenshire
Compression: N/A
Calorific value:  3.5 kWh/kg
Max. ash content:  4%
Max. water content:  15%
Product Standard:  N/A


Block:  Varies
Weight: Varies
Pack:  1 bag weighs approx. 26kg to 28kg
Half Pallet:  25 bags = approx. 663kg


Peat Nuggets come in a polypropylene woven sack. Please check the recycling facilities available from with your local authority.

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Weight 540 kg