Peat Briquettes Half Pallet


Bord na Mona peat briquettes are a traditional fuel, made in Ireland.

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Bord na Mona peat briquettes produce a long slow burn giving off lots of steady heat and a lovely aroma. Very good for open fires and even better in stoves, they’re dry and densely compacted. They have a lower calorific value than wood briquettes so should not overheat your stove.

Like bark, peat contains more silica than wood, so will leave much more ash. However, it is the ash that helps hold the heat for long periods in the same way that a garden bonfire of branches can still have hot embers in the ash pile days later.


Composition:  Clean peat from Irish peat bogs
Compression:  unknown
Calorific value:  4.0 kWh/kg
Max. ash content:  4%
Max. water content:  12%
Product Standard:  N/A

Dimensions and Packaging

Block:  42cm x 19cm x 14cm
Weight:  12kg approx.
Pack:  22 blocks per pack
Pallet:  40 packs = 480kg

Additional information

Weight 504 kg