Mix Your Own Pallet

From: £48.50


We have had to severely restrict collections of wood fuel from our Dumfries depot, which serves our co-operative members.

In order to allow members to order online rather than in store, we have reduced the prices of Mix Your Own products to members’ prices. That means everyone currently gets reduced prices on Mix Your Own pallets. This reduction will continue for the duration of the COVID-19 restrictions.

The Pick ‘n’ Mix of wood fuel!

Our unique Mix Your Own Pallets are the ideal way to get the selection that works best for you, without wasting money on products you don’t want. It’s easy, flexible and cost-effective.

Here’s how it works…

We start with your base pallet

You choose your items

We pack, strap & wrap

Our delivery partner delivers your pallet to you

So you can focus on getting the perfect mix, we’ve kept it simple:

  • A base charge of £46.50 covers the cost of packing, wrapping, strapping and delivering (surcharges apply for offshore)
  • Onto this base pallet, you can select any product from the list, in any quantity you wish
  • There’s a weight limit of 960kg per pallet, which is about 96 packs.
  • The green bar at the bottom of the page adds up the weight your products as you select them and will turn orange as you near the weight limit.
  • For one or two bulky items we’ve limited the number you can add to one pallet – this is just to make sure the pallet is stable and safe for delivery
  • Once you’re happy with the mixture of products you’ve chosen, simply click ‘Add to cart’ at the bottom of the page.



Product Quantity

Waxling Firelighters

Made from fine, kiln dried pine strands (wood wool) coated in candle wax, these dense little firelighters are clean, chemical free and odourless. They light instantly and burn for up to ten minutes. The occasional lighter may be quite tightly bound, so just give it a little twist to loosen the fibres.


Kindling Sticks

Traditional kindling sticks made from dried softwood. Easy to light and quick to produce a good heat but faster burning than Hardwood Cobs or Hotmax.



Hotmax is made in the UK from the fines (sawdust and bark) extracted whilst making dust free horse bedding. The wood used is all from sustainably managed British forestry.


RUF Pine

RUF Pine briquettes are a top of the range, extremely dense RUF block. They're made in the Baltics from pure pine sawdust, and one of the most densely compacted RUF block we have. We recommend these for customers looking for a highly economic briquette.


Eco Nestro

Eco Nestro are a great value briquette, made from softwoods.


Baby Beech

Fine Beech sawdust grindings which is a sawmill by-product.



Made from 100% renewable wood fuel, Pini-Kay heatlogs are great all-rounders.


Hardwood Birch Nestro

These excellent Hardwood briquettes are made from 100% virgin timber, sustainably sourced in the Baltics.


Energo Top

Energo Top briquettes are a top of the range, extremely dense nestro. They are the closest we've found yet to our famous Beech Nestro! Made in Czech Republic, they are incredibly dense and have an excellent long, hot burn.


Beech Nestro

Fine Beech sawdust grindings which is a sawmill by-product. The best briquette in our range.


Lewis Bark Blend

Lewis Bark Blend are a dense RUF block made in Canada using a mixture of 30% slow-grown Eastern White Pine and 70% washed bark from the Canadian furniture industry.


RUF Bark Overnight

Clean washed bark from spruce and pine trees. Ideal for overnight burning.


Extralong Bark Overnight Log

Extralong comprise of  clean bark and pine wood shavings making them excellent for extending the length of your burn through the day or for slumbering overnight.


Peat Nuggets

Clean, cut peat from managed peat fields in Aberdeenshire


Peat Briquettes Baltics

Baltic peat briquettes are a traditional fuel, made in Latvia.



Mix Your Own Pallet

Build your very own pallet of wood fuel and get exactly the mixture you want.

The Wood Fuel Co-operative offers you the ability to Pick and Mix your own pallet of wood fuel. This unique service, where we build a pallet to your exact requirements, is a flexible, cost-effective way to buy your briquettes.

‘Mix Your Own’ Pallets start with a base charge of £46.50, which covers the cost of packing, wrapping, strapping and delivering (surcharges apply for offshore) your pallet. This lets us offer you the unique ability to have total flexibility with your choice and quantity of products. You can put as much or as little on your base pallet as you choose, of any combination of briquettes, as long as you stay within the maximum 960kg weight limit.

Each pallet must have no more than 960kg on it; you will be alerted if your order exceeds the weight limit. You can order multiple ‘Mix Your Own’ Pallets but you must add each pallet to your basket separately. There are quantity restrictions on some items; this is due to packaging requirements.