Lewis Bark Blend Full Pallet (1,152 x 90g Briq.)

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Long burn bark and pine briquette

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Lewis Bark Blend Full Pallet

96 x 10.5kg packs = 1008kg

Created specially to our formula to achieve a long burn briquette producing a good flame and great heat.

Lewis Bark Blend are a dense RUF block made in Canada using a mixture of 30% slow-grown Eastern White Pine and 70% washed bark from the Canadian lumber industry.

Because they’re square, Lewis Bark Blend don’t roll in the hearth, so they’re easy, safe and excellent to use in an open fire.

None of our briquettes contain additives or chemicals. They are made from pure, untreated wood by-product and are held together by compression alone.

Burning characteristics:

These easy-to-use briquettes give out steady heat with a good flame. They burn for around two to three hours depending on airflow and they give off good heat for the duration of their burn time. After a couple of hours you will probably want to add another Lewis to retain that good flame and heat output.

Perfect for:

Lewis Bark Blend are great for through the day and evening burning. They are a handy size so they’re excellent on a smaller stove or open fire, but they’re still chunky enough to get a decent good time.

Our customers love Lewis Bark Blend because they are great for a long and lively heat on any stove. They offer great value for money and the combination of pine and bark works brilliantly to get the stove up to temperature.

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Composition:  A mixture of slow grown pine and clean bark
Compression:  Approx. 1,200kg/t
Calorific value:  4.9 kWh/kg
Max. ash content:  >1%
Max. water content:  <8%
Product Standard:  N/A


Block:  150mm x 100mm x 65mm
Weight:  875g approx.
Pack:  12 blocks = 10.5kg
Full Pallet:  96 packs = 1008kg


Lewis Blocks come in a plastic pack, which is widely recyclable. Please check with your local authority for recycling facilities. Lewis Mouldings are exploring the possibility of packing in Cardboard Boxes, which will be great.

Plastic is widely used for wrapping briquettes, in order to ensure that they stay dry, as a damp briquette will break up and be unsuitable for burning. The environmental impact of our products is important to us, so we work constantly with our suppliers to improve the sustainability of their packaging by encouraging the use of cardboard in place of plastic wherever possible.

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