Kindling Sticks Half Pallet


Traditional kindling sticks made from dried softwood. Easy to light and quick to produce a good heat but faster burning than Hardwood Cobs or Hotmax.

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These are traditional dry kindling sticks, produced in Dumfries and Galloway from FSC softwoods. They’re easy to light and quick burning.


Composition:  Made from dried softwood sourced from FSC registered UK woodland.
Compression:  N/A
Calorific value:  4.1 kWh/kg
Max. ash content:  1%
Max. water content:  12%
Product Standard:  FSC registered

Dimensions and Packaging

Block:  Stick: approx. 150mm long x 10mm to 15mm diameter
Weight:  10g to 30g approx.
Pack:  5kg nets
Pallet:  25 nets = 125kg

Additional information

Weight 125 kg