Hardwood Cobs Sample Pack


Kindling cobs to start a fire quickly and easily. Made in the UK from mixed hardwoods.

Sample consists of 1 x 10kg bag.

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Hardwood Cobs are ideal for lighting your fire. These briquettes are easy to light and rapidly reach a high operating temperature which warms the flue and enables the stove to work at maximum efficiency.

The smallish briquettes come in different sizes ranging from about 5cm to 10cm long and all are 6.5cm diameter. We use about half a dozen decent size cobs (around 1kg) placed between two RUF Oak blocks and light with one Waxling firelighter to start the fire. Using this method it should take about 20-30 minutes to get a good stove and flue temperature and about an hour or two before you feel the need to put on more fuel.


Composition: mixed hardwoods
Compression: unknown
Calorific value: 5.3 kWh/kg
Max. ash content: <3%
Max. water content: <7%
Product Standard: BSL registered

Dimensions and Packaging

Block: 30mm to 100mm x 65mm
Weight: 100-300g approx.
Pack: 10kg bag
Pallet: 100 bags = 1000kg

Additional information

Weight 10 kg