Beech Nestro Half Pallet


Fine Beech sawdust grindings which is a sawmill by-product. The best briquette in our range.

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Made in Germany by a company specialising in high quality Beech timber, these are the best briquette we’ve ever stocked. Each chunky log weighs in at around 2.5kg and they are made from a very fine Beech flour. They’re very highly compressed, so they produce no dust and this density makes them burn for a good few hours. Best of all, they also produce huge amounts of heat with an attractive flame.

Suitable for both stoves and open fires, they’re best used on an established fire, as they don’t light easily and need a decent air flow to get going. For most stoves we recommend breaking them in half, as they will expand a little while burning. They can be broken by sharply tapping two of the heat logs together a couple of times.


Composition: 100% clean beech grindings
Compression: 1,200kg/m3
Calorific value: 5.2 kWh/kg
Max. ash content: 0.9%
Max. water content: 8%
Product Standard: produced from FEFC woodland

Dimensions and Packaging

Log: 295mm x 95mm
Weight: c.2.5kg
Pack: 4 Logs x c.2.5kg = c.10kg
Pallet: 48 packs = 480kg


Additional information

Weight 480 kg