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Plastic Free Packaging for an Old Favourite

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Plastic Free Packaging for an Old Favourite

UK Hard boxes

UK Hard in plastic free packaging

Our UK Hard briquettes have had a plastic-free facelift

Rowland’s been working with Rohan Cheshire from Philip A. Cheshire, who manufacture precision wood products in the UK, to produce plastic free packaging for their ‘UK Hard’ briquettes.

Both Wood Fuel Co-operative and Philip A. Cheshire are keen to make environmentally-responsible business decisions.

The new cardboard packaging is biodegradable – reuse it, compost it or even light the fire with it.

Because they’re made in the UK, they also have a lower carbon footprint than imported briquettes. Win win!

It’s worth noting that if you buy a full pallet, it will still come wrapped in plastic, in order to ensure it survives the sometimes rigorous delivery process. This is something we’re still working on but it really needs an industry-wide development of new materials to address.


three UK Hard briquettes

UK Hard are a cylindrical hardwood briquette

UK Hard Briquettes

These great briquettes are made from a range of hardwoods, depending on the wood going through the factory at the time. There’s no veneers, glues or preservatives used, so the sawdust produced is pure and unadulterated.

Customers love them because they’re so versatile – you can break them up to start the fire, or use them whole as a main fuel on bigger stoves.

They’re easy to light and quickly reach a high operating temperature, enabling your stove to work at maximum efficiency. They have a lovely lively flame as they burn, then turn red hot and provide a good steady heat for a couple of hours.

Currently UK Hard are available as Sample Packs but we will have Full and Half pallets back in stock very soon.

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