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Mix and Match is a great intro to wood fuel

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Remember that sweetie stand at Woolworths…the Pick n’ Mix? I used to delight in that Saturday treat of being able to try out a bit of this and a couple of those…and before long you’d worked your way through all of them and you knew which were your real favourites!

The Mix and Match Wood Briquettes pack operates on exactly the same principle! It gives you the chance to pick your own range from the different briquettes and firelighters, to suit either an open fire or a woodstove.

The Toasty Toes Team members who have open grates have helped us enormously in working out what seems to be the best way to light open fires, so we’ve put together a recommended Starter Pack for this, plus we have what we’ve found are the best mixes for different sizes of wood stove. To find these packs, scroll to the bottom of the Wood Fuel Shop page or just email us to tell us what you’re looking for.

Incidentally, these mixed packs are perfect if you’re letting out self-catering accommodation over Christmas: the clean and easy way to give your guests a 5-hour fire for the evening or a full day’s woodburner heat.