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Lighting and burning wood briquettes

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Lighting and burning wood briquettes

Using wood briquettes is different from burning logs. For one thing, they have a consistently low moisture content, which means you can experiment to find which ones suit your stove or fire best, then depend on getting reliable results with every fire.

Lighting your briquettes is easy if you follow the instructions here. Once you have a good blaze going, you may choose to just use briquettes or mix them with logs: the heat in the base of the fire makes for a more efficient burn.

A great many of our customers report that they’re delighted with the briquettes. They tend to work out cheaper than bought logs in a fairly short space of time, as the low moisture content means you get more calorific value for your money.

If you visit our Dumfries depot you will see that there there are several different kinds of wood briquettes. Everyone’s stove or fire is different so you may want to experiment with one or two different types until you get the burn you want. We’re very happy to advise you: we want you to join the ranks of our happy briquette burners!