The UK’s Best Briquette


We often get asked which is the best briquette. Our answer is Beech Nestro.

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German Engineering for your stove…

The best briquette in our range, this high quality heat log has some great qualities.

It’s made of fine Beech grindings and is tightly compressed. This makes it incredibly clean to handle. The density provides an excellent burn and glow time. One log can last up to 3hrs in some stoves.

They also kick out an excellent, consistent heat for the duration of the burn. This makes regulating the room temperature a dream come true.

But why is it our best briquette?

It’s an incredible all-rounder. The large, dense logs can be split so can also be used on smaller stoves. You can crack them in half or use an axe to break into smaller chunks. They’re so well made that even this process produces very little mess or dust.

They give out a consistent heat throughout the duration of the burn. This makes then great for general burning and regulating room temperature. It’s also a huge bonus for things like wood fired ovens and hot tubs.

They have a long burn time. This means you don’t need as many of them! So although they are more expensive per pack than some of our others, you won’t need to use as many. They also have an extremely clean burn with very little expansion. This means a healthier, cleaner flue and you won’t need to clean out your ash box quite so often.

Ready to Burn logo - Wood Fuel Co-operative

Woodsure Ready to Burn Certified…

This is a really important certification. If you live in a smokeless zone and have a DEFRA Approved appliance, you can burn all fuels carrying this mark,

Woodsure certification covers a lot of bases. Most importantly it ensures a low moisture content, chemical analysis and sustainability.

We only sell pure wood briquettes that are held together by compression alone, no additives or binders. Always look out for this logo when you’re buying your fuels.

It’s not just us, this briquette is our best seller…

When we had issues with imports and transportation last year, we were really struggling with supply. So many of our customers love this briquette that we had to create a waiting list for the product. It has taken us 5 months to catch up with this and the product has been out of stock on our website for months. Thankfully, we’re well on our way to being caught up, so Beech Nestro should be in stock more often now.

What our customers think:

“The trial packs of NESTRO “BEECH” (not to be confused with Nestro Eco) HEAT LOGS were absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I got between 2-4 hr burn time from each log with an amazing consistent heat (5kwatt output) that warmed the rooms gently and consistently – I was honestly quite amazed.

From now on I will be ordering “BEECH” NESTRO Heat Logs and staying well away from Kiln Dried wood. At least you know what your getting! It initially appears slightly more expensive on face value, but it would be false economy not to go with these!”

Lee Thorndike via Trustpilot

“Fantastic company. Great range of eco logs. Beech Nestro are the best and most efficient logs we’ve ever had. Free delivery and couldn’t be more helpful.”

Kate Bromwich-Alexandra via Trustpilot

“My multi fuel stove heats water and six radiators. In the past, only coal pushed the heat through, and as you know, coal is going to be outlawed. So I phoned Wood Fuel Co-operative for advice, and they kindly sent me samples of Beech Nestro. I was amazed to feel the heat of them, which came through quickly and travelled to the radiators no problem! I will definitely be ordering some of those for the winter.”

Jane Keenan via Trustpilot

We could go on, but you get the message!

See more customer reviews on Trustpilot and find out why we’re the UK’s most trusted Woodfuel supplier.

Ready to try it for yourself?

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Quick guide to choosing the best Wood Fuel for your stove and lifestyle.

Wood Fuel Co-operative

*Break - We strongly recommend you break these briquettes in half (or less for very small stoves) because they do expand whilst burning and you don't want them to overfill the fire.
*Easy to light - We always use a Firelighter and Kindling Sticks to start our fires. Most briquettes are graded four stars to light because they are quite dense and require kindling.


  • All stove and flue combinations tend to have different burning characteristics. Fuel that works well in my stove may not work so well in your stove, and vice-versa.
  • Most modern stoves are more efficient than most older stoves, meaning a modern quality stove will burn fuel more economically and generate more heat over a longer period.
  • Always try to burn fuel with a 'lick of flame'. Smouldering fuel to try to extend burn time is bad for your stove, flue and the environment due to unburned particulate matter in the smoke.
  • Be prepared to break briquettes into smaller sections to fit into your stove comfortably. Many briquettes do expand whilst burning and you don't want them to expand onto the glass.
  • The chart above indicates which briquettes are easy to break. Some are small enough so they don't need breaking. This makes for a cleaner environment around your stove.
  • All briquettes, except Everyday Value and Hotmax, benefit hugely from using kindling to light them. I suggest five kindling sticks will be sufficient, meaning a net should last 30 days.