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Even more revolutionary! This fuel will transform the future of heating…

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OK, we thought the blocks were good…but that was before we trialled the softwood and hardwood log briquettes!


Now the whole face of burning wood fuel is changing – for the better. On the left you will see a cross section through two types of fuel logs. The ones with the hole down the centre are made from powerfully compressed pure hardwood sawdust, while the lighter coloured ones are made in the same way but from softwoods.

Both these logs offer a superb burning performance, dust-free quality and great economy, to a degree that our testers are finding most impressive. Praise for these fuels, which perform best in wood stoves rather than on open fires, is pouring in and supplies are going down far faster than we’d anticipated.

The difference? Well, the softwood ones burn slightly hotter and faster and are great for getting the heat into the room, then keeping the warmth for a good length of time. The hardwood ones need to go onto a good hot fire base (Hotmax are ideal starters and revivers for this purpose) and then, once they’ve caught, turn the air intake down and they will chug away for hours, burning from the inside out. Obviously it depends on your stove as to how long they will burn but medium stove testers are reporting up to 6 hours from one briquette! You can easily break the logs to fit a smaller firebox but these logs are a perfect size for larger stoves too.

A dedicated hardwood burner summed it up nicely the other day: “I get free logs and never thought briquettes were worth considering. But this winter, after struggling to burn damp logs, having to go and stack and split and chop in filthy wet weather…now I’m delighted to think I can get off that treadmill any time I want. I think these log briquettes are great!”

We agree!