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Elephant Poo and Ezilites – fast heat for cool evenings

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I fall for it every time!

A sunny day with temperatures warm enough to shed the winter fleece – for a short while anyway – and I’m fooled into thinking it’s summer. But then suddenly the sun sets, the glass starts to fall and the evening chill sets in…brrrr!

He-who-experiments-with-woodfuel in our house has just delightedly reported back on his latest discovery: the fastest route to happiness when the heat’s just gone out of the day and you want nothing more than a glass of your favourite tipple next to a decent fire.

Two Ezilite briquettes and a Celsico bark briquette may not be the answer to life, the universe and everything – but it is, apparently, the perfect antidote to the early evening chill. No smoke, no hassle, just five minutes and those happy orange flames are lighting up your life. By the time you’ve gathered the ingredients for an evening of sloth, the fire is glowing brightly and all’s right with the world.
Ahhh…pass the bottle over, please!