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Our shop will remain closed for walk-in customers but we now offer a number of “click and collect” slots per day.

Currently this is by phone only (so it’s really a ‘Call & Collect’), but we hope to implement a way of ordering collections online soon.

Once collection slots are full for the day, we will take bookings for the next day.

Collections will be available between 9am-4pm, Monday to Saturday, although opening hours may be subject to change.

Here’s how it works:

1. You phone us on 01387 731 210 to place your order. We take payment at the time of ordering, over the phone. That means card payments only. Sorry, no cash and no payment on collection.

2. When you arrive at our shop, the gates to the yard will be closed. Please park outside and phone us on 01387 731 210. If you don’t have access to a phone, beep your horn.

3. We will bring your order to your car, on a pallet or trolley, for you to load into your own car, if you are able. If you are not able to load, let us know when you order and our staff will load into your car.

4. Please maintain a minimum of two metres away from staff members at all times. If we are loading, please stay in your car. If you are loading, we will leave you to do so on your own.

Finally, please only order what you need. Lockdown means essentials only, so minimise the risk to everyone by only coming in if you need to.


It’s business as usual with web orders. There are no changes or restrictions. We will continue to deliver wood fuel across the UK.


You’ll notice some changes. We can no longer allow customers to enter the office area, in order to try and maintain social distancing.

Instead, we are asking customers to load their own trolleys where possible, and to pay through our new serving hatch.

If you’re not able to load your own trolley and car, please ask for assistance. We’re still here and still happy to help.

Please do not stockpile! As long as people keep calm and buy as normal, supplies will keep up. The only threat to supply is panic buying.

Our new precautionary measures are in place


We’ve been liaising with local MSPs to ensure that wood fuel and biomass pellets are recognised as being essentials. In the event of lockdown we will still be able to supply wood pellets and fuel.

If you are self-isolating, we can still deliver to you. Our drivers will not enter your house but we can deliver to the doorstep or shed.

For those not self-isolating, lockdown will not mean you cannot leave your house. You can still go out for essentials such as food, medicine, and fuel.


Please do not stockpile! As long as people keep calm and buy as normal, supplies will keep up. The only threat to supply is panic buying.

In order to ensure fair supply, we are currently having to limit wood pellet purchases to 10 x 15kg bags per customer. As soon as panic buying stops and supplies are able to recover, this limit can be raised.

If you normally get full pallets of wood pellets delivered, and you need another delivery soon, please let us know so we can add you to the delivery waiting list. We will be delivering pallets as soon as they are available, so please don’t panic.