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  • Bio Wood Pellets for Pizza Ovens 10kg

    Pizza Oven Wood Pellets. For the perfect stonebaked pizza. Low ash content, low moisture and a delicate smoke. A brilliant softwood pellet with high performance. Learn More

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    10 kg (£1.60 per kg)
    20 kg (£1.27 per kg)
  • Traditional Kindling Sticks – Nets

    Traditional kindling sticks in nets. Evenly sized and kiln dried. Sourced locally to us in Dumfries and Galloway, from sustainable sources. Learn More

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    12 kg (£1.75 per kg)
    18 kg (£1.56 per kg)
    6.5 kg (£2.46 per kg)
  • Add-on Products

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    Want to add some extras to your pallet?

    Here’s how to do it:

    • Quarter pallets will take 200kg of add-ons; Half pallets will take 100kg and Full pallets will take 20kg before the relevant weight limit is reached.
    • Once you’ve added a pallet to your basket, you will see a green information bar at the bottom of the page which will turn red when you have exceeded the weight limit. To reduce your pallet weight, simply take off an add-on product, or select a lighter-weight option of that product.
    • All add-on products are at our shop floor prices, so by adding products onto your pallet, you get them delivered free at the lowest possible price.
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  • Eco Bat Box

    Our Eco Bat Box combines a sealed weatherproof shell made from 100% recycled plastic, with a wooden internal roost chamber.

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    5kg (£6.96 per kg)