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We have briquettes for every stage of your fire, from lighting to overnight burning.


Starting your fire

Clean to use, quick to light. You’ll be toasting your toes in no time.

Waxling Firelighters

Waxling firelighters

Natural, chemical-free wood wool firelighters. We’ve tried them all and Waxlings are the best.

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Kindling Sticks

a pile of kindling sticks

Traditional kindling sticks made from Scottish softwoods.

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Hotmax Cobs

hotmax cobs for kindling

Hotmax cobs are easy to light and perfect kindling replacements.

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Handy oak cobs – dense, long-lasting and easy to use.

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Main Fuels

Once you’re up and running, these carefully selected products will give you the flickering flames and cosy heat that you need for general burning.

Hotmax Cobs


a pile of hotmax fuel logs, small dark coloured cobs

Not just a kindling; these versatile cobs are a hot main fuel for smaller stoves.

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UK Hard


UK Hard briquettes


Made in the UK from a variety of hardwoods, UK Hard are easy to light and hot burning.

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Dragon’s Teeth


Dragon's Teeth briquettes


Great for small stoves, these economical blocks give fast heat and a good ember bed.

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Blazers briquettes

Blazers are easy to light and long lasting. They produce a very attractive flame and generate good heat.

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Verdo briquettes

A popular UK briquette, Verdo are a versatile and hot-burning softwood briquette.

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Hotties heat logs

Hotties are a great favourite with our staff and customers. Useful for every stage of burning, they light well and give lots of heat over a long period.

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Long-burning Main Fuels

For low-maintenance burning, these briquettes will burn for a long time in well-controlled stoves.


RUF blocks

Our RUF Oak Blocks have a unique ‘waist’ which improves air flow and heat production. Dense compression gives a long burn and the size suits most stoves.

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Beech Nestro

Beech Nestro briquettes

Our favourite briquette! Very hot and long burning, this performs best on an established fire. Large and very dense, it burns for hours.

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Enviro-Bricks are a very large hardwood briquette, suitable for larger stoves. They are so dense they cannot be broken and can last overnight in many stoves.

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RUF Bark

RUF Bark bricks are a specialised briquette for long, slow burning. They’re ideal for keeping stoves in overnight.

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A traditional fuel for a long, cooler burn

Peat Briquettes

peat briquettes

Bord-na-Mona peat briquettes are high quality, compressed peat from Ireland.

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Peat Nuggets

peat nuggets

Scottish peat nuggets are great for burning alongside briquettes in stoves and open fires.

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