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Is there a solution for Ash Dieback in the UK?

This morning several newly discovered cases of Chalara fraxinia, the ash dieback fungal disease, have been announced in Scotland.

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Can you be hot and green at the same time?

What do wood fuel customers want from their fuel? Low price, high calorific value, clean and easily handled or eco-friendly credentials?

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Autumn in the air

There was a definite feel of autumn in the air yesterday as the Wood Fuel Co-op team tidied up after the so-called 'summer' season of shows and country fairs.

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Quick fires for summer downpours

The wet weather is becoming a real drag...plants are suffering, the chooks are miserable and today the wind is making it chilly and unpleasant outside.

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How green is your wood?

When I wrote the title 'How Green is Your Wood?' I originally meant to talk about how crucial the moisture content of logs is to getting efficient heat from them

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Using a heatwave to best advantage

ot weather in Scotland, the very last thing on our minds is planning how to stay warm next winter!

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Hotmax a big hit

Yesterday our first consignment of Hotmax wood briquettes arrived from Northumberland - and within minutes we were setting fire to it, keen to see how it performs.

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Summer’s over…dogs hurry back to the stove side!

Zara the GSP is disgusted! After a blissful week of sunbathing, and having been convinced that summer had come at last, she just heard the Met Office forecast of snow and sleet - nooooo!!!!

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Briquettes for the BBQ!

The warmer weather has brought out another call for research by the wood fuel testing try out wood briquettes on the barbecue!

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The wet weather we've had lately has highlighted one of the biggest blessings of the wood briquettes...the ability to get a hot fire going quickly and easily.

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It’s snowing but the wood stove is roaring!

We seem to be finally getting the snow that has been hitting much of Europe over the past week or so. It only started an hour ago here but the forecast is for more to come.

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Are Waxlings too pretty to burn?

The Waxling eco-firelighters are starting to acquire an enthusiastic following...and some of our members are admitting that they enjoy looking at them almost as much as they enjoy burning them!

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The best wax firelighters?

We've become great fans of the Waxling firelighters lately but are aware that there are quite a few other 'eco-firelighters' on the market, so have begun trying some different ones out.

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Carbon Credentials

Looking out of the window at yet another grey, soggy day, it's hard not to feel depressed about the probability that the extremes of weather experienced in 2011, in the UK as well as worldwide, have been caused, at least in part, by man's reliance on fossil fuels.

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Windy weather and stove management

Gusts of 60+ mph have been rattling the roof tiles today - and the chimney has been roaring as it sucks the flames upwards!

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Wishing you a Toasty Festive Season!

Last night we decided that wood briquettes were going to make Christmas a very pleasant experience this more having to go out to fetch more logs in the cold!

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No mess, no hassle, and no spiders! And they look good, too.

One thing we're not missing about the logs is the mess...the bits and bark that always seem to sneak out of the log basket, even when you line it.

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Wild and windy… but the marigolds are still flowering!

It's been such a mild November...scarcely any frost and many flowers that would normally be long gone are still hanging in there.

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Why wood briquettes are so carbon-friendly

When setting up the Wood Fuel Co-op we decided to supply wood briquettes and pellets, rather than firewood logs, for a number of reasons.

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It’s not just heat – the aroma’s important too

I wandered back up the path to my little studio in the dark last night, listening to the owls calling and even though there's scarcely any moon right now, trying not to use the torch in order to preserve the atmosphere.

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Big Delivery

A lorry laden with wood briquettes rolled into the yard at 9am today...and then had to wait for the forklift to arrive, but the driver was incredibly laid back and helpful.

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Bark briquette after 8 hours burning

Wow! This is half a bark briquette after 8 hours' burning in the small woodstove.

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Black puddings: a hot tip!

Bark briquettes rock! Last night was the coldest for a while and I tried out what looks like a big black pudding: one of the SWF bark briquettes! It's also been likened to an elephant poo but we won't go there.

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