About Winter Warmth

The Winter Warmth for Older People Project is run by The Hub, a local community action centre in Dumfries; the Community Payback Unit (Dumfries & Galloway Council); and local landowners.

The project delivers free firewood to older people on low incomes in Dumfries & Galloway each winter. With the rising costs of electricity and other fuels, it’s still a hugely important issue. Living in such a rural area means that older people can often become isolated. The combination of isolation and the rising cost of living can be lethal.

Over the winter months, we usually donate about four tonnes of wood fuel to the Winter Warmth Project. The fuel is then distributed for free to those who need it. This is a real lifeline for some people so we will continue to support the scheme. By shopping with us, you are helping to support this so we thank you all!

in 2020 we were asked to step in after COVID-19 threatened to prevent hundreds of vulnerable people from receiving their firewood.

In October 2020, we supplied The Hub with 15 tonnes of wood briquettes and 370 boxes of kindling at cost price.

We then donated our own time and resources to distribute the fuel to 186 households across Dumfries & Galloway. Steven, Ashley (and Ripley the puppy) donated a lot of their own spare time to complete the deliveries.

Dumfries & Galloway is one of the most rural regions in Scotland, and our deliveries spanned over 100 miles from Drummore on the west coast, to Eskdalemuir in the East.

in 2021, our Winter Warmth for Older People support continues! We’re not doing the deliveries ourselves but are still providing the fuels.

To find out about our other charitable work, click here.

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Quick guide to choosing the best Wood Fuel for your stove and lifestyle.

Wood Fuel Co-operative

*Break - We strongly recommend you break these briquettes in half (or less for very small stoves) because they do expand whilst burning and you don't want them to overfill the fire.
*Easy to light - We always use a Firelighter and Kindling Sticks to start our fires. Most briquettes are graded four stars to light because they are quite dense and require kindling.


  • All stove and flue combinations tend to have different burning characteristics. Fuel that works well in my stove may not work so well in your stove, and vice-versa.
  • Most modern stoves are more efficient than most older stoves, meaning a modern quality stove will burn fuel more economically and generate more heat over a longer period.
  • Always try to burn fuel with a 'lick of flame'. Smouldering fuel to try to extend burn time is bad for your stove, flue and the environment due to unburned particulate matter in the smoke.
  • Be prepared to break briquettes into smaller sections to fit into your stove comfortably. Many briquettes do expand whilst burning and you don't want them to expand onto the glass.
  • The chart above indicates which briquettes are easy to break. Some are small enough so they don't need breaking. This makes for a cleaner environment around your stove.
  • All briquettes, except Everyday Value and Hotmax, benefit hugely from using kindling to light them. I suggest five kindling sticks will be sufficient, meaning a net should last 30 days.