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£950 Grants for Wood Pellet Boilers

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£950 Grants for Wood Pellet Boilers

Under the new Renewable Heat Premium Scheme, if you are a householder in Scotland, England or Wales who does not have gas central heating, you can apply for a voucher, valid until 31st March 2012, that will entitle you to a £950 grant towards the installation of a biomass heating boiler. You have to meet certain simple conditions and there is a limited pot of money available for this pilot stage of the scheme. So if you’ve been thinking about changing over, act soon.
If you’d like to know more about installing a wood pellets boiler, check out the Government RHI.
The Wood Fuel Co-operative is currently preparing to publish its own in-depth information about wood pellets and pellet heating systems: watch this space! We’d also welcome input from anyone who already has a wood pellet stove or boiler: was it a good move? What are the good/bad points? What advice would you give to anyone considering changing over to a wood pellet heating system?