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Summer’s over…dogs hurry back to the stove side!

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Zara likes the instant heat she gets from briquettes

Zara the GSP is disgusted! After a blissful week of sunbathing, and having been convinced that summer had come at last, she just heard the Met Office forecast of snow and sleet – nooooo!!!! So she’s demanded that ‘her’ stove be lit again – and a good store of briquettes stacked ready beside it.

Dog and cat owners have a serious responsibility to keep their pets warm and happy at all times. So now Zara, like her friends Spod, Baz, Merlin, Monty and Pickle…and a good few more – has sussed out at least two reasons why the wood briquettes are great at this time of year.

Because it’s so quick and easy, her people are much more likely to give in and light the stove for her. And dogs really appreciate the fact that the briquettes don’t spit at them. So come what may, sun, snow or rain, you have to admit it’s a dog’s life!